I just like 'em. Ya' know what, maybe I love 'em. I've never looked at a duck and thought "jerk." Ducks are cool and I've always had a good time with them. I remember Ducky from Pretty in Pink fondly, same for Daffy Duck and his ducky dame Daisy. Ducks just always rubbed me the right way, so when it came time to sell a pretend something - Ducks it was.*
*Monkeys did place a very close second.

Now I have ducks up the wazzoooo! Mallards are a dime a dozen around here. Actually, not quite that cheap - check them out. Don't forget to click the image to see more pics from around the pond!

£5.00 Now £2.95

Molly Mallard


She's a Mallard. Give her a break. She likes cornmeal as much as any other duck. Give Molly a chance.

Seriously, we have like hundreds of these guys. We call them all Molly.

10x5x5 in

Molly Mallard